Peachy Clean Services & Co. – Residential Cleaning Services

House cleaning, though essential, is rarely anyone’s favourite chore. Many home owners spend hours just trying to keep tidy, never mind getting their houses squeaky clean. It's often backbreaking work that consumes valuable weekend time—time that could be better spent enjoying life.

Let Peachy Clean Services & Co Help you Keep Your Home Tidy all Year Round

Busy schedule? Don’t let house cleaning fall by the wayside. Peachy Clean offers flexible house cleaning services to fit your hectic life. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or ongoing maintenance, our team can create a customized service package to meet your specific needs. From apartments and condos to single-family homes, we have the expertise and equipment to meticulously clean every nook and cranny.

At Peachy Clean, we understand that the bathroom and kitchen are the heart of a home and often require the most attention during house cleaning. Our professionals are equipped with the latest cleaning technology and eco-friendly products designed specifically for tough grime and bacteria. We tackle everything from lime scale in bathrooms to grease in kitchens, ensuring these critical areas are not just visually clean but hygienically safe.

Why Choose Peachy Clean Services & Co?

Here are some reasons why our customers choose us over the competition.

Commitment to Customers

We prioritize your convenience, offering house cleaning on the day and time that suits you best, without disrupting your schedule. Our goal is to provide top-notch house cleaning services at competitive prices, with special discounts for multi-service packages.

Experienced Cleaning Professionals

Our team consists of highly-trained house cleaning experts skilled in tackling hard-to-reach spots and knowledgeable in the proper techniques to avoid cross-contamination. Background checks, regular training, and our policy of bonding and insuring employees mean you can trust us with your home.

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning

We are conscious of the environmental and health impacts of cleaning products. Our eco-friendly solutions effectively eliminate germs without harming the environment or your health.

Price Transparency

We have a transparent and fair pricing policy. Before cleaning a home, we explain all the costs involved to the homeowner and also take them through the house cleaning process so they know what to expect. We accept almost all popular forms of payment.

Frequently asked questions:

What house cleaning services do you offer?

Our extensive range of residential cleaning services includes Basic Clean, Deep Clean, Custom Clean, Organization Services, Wash and Fold Laundry, Post-Construction Cleans, Move-In/Out Cleans, and Junk Removal. Each service is tailored to meet the unique needs of your home.

Are your cleaning products safe for children and pets?

Absolutely! We use non-toxic, eco-friendly products to ensure the safety of your entire family, including pets.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

It's not necessary for you to be home during the cleaning. Our trusted professionals can efficiently clean your home in your absence. If you prefer to stay, you are welcome, but rest assured, your space and privacy will be respected.

How do you ensure quality and trust in your cleaning services?

We maintain high standards by employing only insured and bonded staff who have undergone extensive training and background checks. Our commitment to quality is also reflected in our use of premium cleaning products and adherence to systematic cleaning protocols.

Do I need to supply any cleaning products?

No, you don’t need to supply any cleaning products unless you have specific preferences or require specialty products for certain surfaces or items in your home. We come fully equipped to handle all standard cleaning tasks.

What are the payment options?

We offer flexible payment methods including credit cards, checks, and online transfers, with automated options for regular schedules and electronic invoicing for convenience.