Services Offered

We are a premium facilities Maintenance and Cleaning company currently looking at servicing residential properties, condominiums, offices, hotels, etc. in Durham, Toronto and surrounding areas.

Our team will clean your home or other residential properties, such as apartment and condo units. We ensure that your future tenants or you and your family can enjoy the space without worrying about the added stress of cleaning.


Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining a clean office or commercial space keeps your employees and customers happy. It shows how your company values cleanliness, which is especially important to your clients, tenants, and customers.


Industrial Cleaning

Industrial spaces such as warehouses and factories also need regular or maintenance cleaning. It allows little to no downtime for your company’s production needs. A clean space will enable employees to work efficiently and focus on their tasks.

Talk to Us Regarding Your Cleaning Needs

To find out how we can clean your properties, please contact our team at Peachy Clean Services & Co. We are more than happy to discuss the best solution for maintaining the cleanliness of various spaces.